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We provide detailed and professional solicitor trust account audits. According to the Queensland Law Society, if your firm operates a trust account, the law requires that you get an external examiner to carry out this audit. 

At Allen & Wolfe, we pride ourselves on not only helping companies and businesses find solutions to their problems but also maintaining integrity in the financial system.

If you operate on the Gold Coast or anywhere across Queensland and you need a solicitor trust account audit, then contact us today. 

Your Go-To for solicitor Trust Audits

At Allen & Wolfe, our auditors make sure that your trust’s accounting and transaction records are correctly documented. We ensure that all legal requirements are met so that you can submit your audit report confidently and on time.

With years of experience auditing solicitor trust accounts, we’ve accumulated a solid understanding of the legal requirements and knowledge of any common problems that arise in relation to solicitor trust audits. This experience, as well as our professional relationships with several law firms, has made us the best at what we do.

We take pride in offering audit solutions that take your particular needs into account.

We have years of experience in auditing legal trust accounts

We recognise the heavy workload and special demands that solicitors are subject to. So, to ensure that the trust account audit and examination procedure is as seamless and transparent as possible, we have built detailed and streamlined structures. 

We do everything in our power to ensure that there is little to no disruption to your business operations as we work to meet all statutory requirements related to your trust account audit.

At Allen & Wolfe Auditors, we understand that the independence of the audit being carried out is critical. We can immediately provide you with confidence that we value honesty and transparency because we have no reliance on any other firm or specific client industry. 

We ensure that we deliver what we promise, which many of our clients find to be a unique experience in Southeast Queensland. We take pleasure in being at the forefront of technological advances and trends in auditing, particularly secure electronic software and file sharing.

Your auditing issues are a thing of the past today. Contact us today.

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